Goddess of the Month - Hekate


Noctilucent Hekate, by Tinnekke Bebout
Noctilucent Hekate by Tinnekke Bebout from Mystai of the Moon Sacred Goddess Gifts

Hekate, Goddess of many names, Goddess of many times, I have written of Her past already. Since that time She has manifested forth in my life and in the lives of the Mystai of the Moon as our Matron Goddess, and through the connections I have made has led me to learn of a resurgence of Her worship all over the world. On May 27, 2010, I took part in a global Rite honoring Hekate called The Rite of Her Sacred Fires. The Mystai participated both in our temple and in their homes. Now I write of Her present, and I dare to say: Her future.

Her Rites are being recreated in many ways. Through the study of manuscripts left to us from ancient times we learn of how people from all around the Near East and the Mediterranean invoked and evoked Her for magick and worship. Through the recreations of Her ways left in the cultures of those in Turkey, Macedonia, and Bulgaria, we find the beauty of how Her worship as a Mystery Tradition was carried out and how it whispers to us even now. Through the meditations and dreamwork of modern Priestesses and Witches, we reconnect with Her as modern people. We Mystai are going to be recreating Her Mysteries this summer during the first large gathering of our tradition, which we call Hekate Rising in Her honor. We picked the name a long time ago, and as time passes, the name feels more and more appropriate. Hekate is truly Rising. There are many new books coming out with the writings of modern devotees. Hekate: Her Sacred Fires is the newest addition to this increasing body of devotion. Edited by Sorita D'Este and with contributions from people from all six inhabited continents, it is truly a treasury of Her modern worship. It is filled with essays, prosody, poetry, and art. The fact that there was an outpouring of contributions when the concept of the book was brought up by Sorita is a testimony to how prominent in the world Hekate is becoming.

The Call by Tinnekke Bebout, from The Dance of the Mystai, 2009

From the Beginning, I have been here. All-encompassing, ever-present, loving yet distant and unknowable: I am Nyx. I am Chaos. I am the Beginning of All.
I sing: Mother of Night, of Infinity; the Dance of the Stars; The Endless Waltz of the Galaxies; the Death Spiral of Black Holes. I AM ALL – singularity and unlimited possibility. I am Sweet Loving in the Unfathomable Depths of Time. I exploded and birthed all that is. The Goddesses are My Daughters. The Stars are My Daughters. Every womon who has ever lived is also My Daughter… for what are you if not Star Stuff? You, too, are celestial children of the Cosmos, formed from the embers of giant stars that died to give you life. In your cells sings the Music of the Universe. Do you hear it? Can you open your ears and listen to a sound that pounds through you as surely and undeniably as your own heartbeat?
My hand is always out to you to bring you back into the Cosmic Dance. I am She Who is the Soul of the Cosmos. I am Oldest of the Old, yet I am a Maiden. I hold Power in all realms and spread My Blessings to the Lost, the Frightened, the Wronged, as well as the Strong Amazon who whispers My Name as she rides under a Full Moon. I am with you. I am calling to you. Say My Name…
Dare it! Do it! Call to Me!!!


A Tribute to Hekate - by Tinnekke Bebout

Charge of the Dark Goddess, Hekate - Adapted by Ghislaine Yergeau

I am the Queen of Magick, hidden in the deepest night.
I am the mystery of the other world
and the fear that coils about your heart in the times of your trial.

I am the soul of nature that gives form to the Universe.
My torches light the way for enlightenment and illumination.
My sickle of death cuts away things that are dead and no longer needed.

It is I who awaits you at the end of your spiral dance.
I am She who has no secrets but a thousand secrets.
I am the aged Old Crone of Darkness whose face of death
portends life anew and filled with Luna's secrets.

All acts of magick and mysteries are My rituals and
My greatest ritual is love itself.

You who seek to remove My veil and know My true face,
Know that all your questing and efforts are for naught,
Until your own face beholds and knows the mysteries of your own self.
For you to truly know Me, you must look into your own heart
and know and accept yourself.

For those of you who call upon Me
and My powers for magick, beware!
For My magick is swift and without regards to the consequences.

Those who know Me shall glide safely through troubles,
For it is My dark cloak of protection that is wrapped about you.

Close your eyes My child and call to Me, for I am there,
within your Darkness.

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